Monday, 27 July 2015

Russ Whitney putforth-The Five Phases of the Home Buying Process

Choose the Correct Real Estate Representation

The most important initial step in the home purchasing process is successfully choosing the right Real Estate representation, the Realtor the and Real Estate Company. The Real Estate Company should be local and associated to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and the National Association of Realtors (NAR). The Real Estate Agent or Broker instead of the Real Estate Company should be experienced, have a confirmed record of successfully helping buyers purchase homes in your area with an wide support team and be active in the community.

A Methodical Home Search Plan

How does Real Estate Company find the accurate Home for you? This is where we shine! We will present you with our Proven, Professional and Area Specific Customized Home Search Plan. A generic plan developed by some famous Real Estate Company is not the best plan for your home search in the Neighborhoods you desire.

Selecting the Purchase Price

That accurately reflects the recent market conditions. Your purchase value has to please three people, you, the seller and the appraiser. If the home is purchased properly you will receive the Best Price, on the most complimentary Terms, in the Shortest Time with the least difficulty to you.

Agreement Negotiations: A Little Horse Trading!

Negotiating your home purchase value and the terms of sale is like walking a tightrope between the Highest Price the buyer will give and the Lowest Price the seller will accept. It takes tolerance, psychology, flexibility, and knowledge. Your Realtor is trained to remain the dialogue going until you reach a meeting of the minds. After all, you desire to buy and the seller wants to sell!

Escrow on Average Takes from 30 to 90 Days

Remember, tolerance is a virtue! During this time, we will be busy ironing out troubles, speeding up the loan process, arranging additional inspections, management document preparation and coordinating appointments. When you purchase your home, we will give you our courteousness Escrow Guide, “So at present Your Home Is in Escrow” that will take much of the ambiguity out of the Loan and Escrow Process.

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