Saturday, 26 December 2015

Russ Whitney manages stress using guided imagery

There are three core principles Russ Whitney prescribes to make sure imagery works. Firstly,the mind-body connection allows images created in the mind to feel almost as real as external events to the body. Secondly, an altered state makes you more capable of faster, more intense healing, learning, and performance. It reinforces your sense of control which helps you feel better and do better.

Russ Whitney guides based on recent studies,guided imagery helps achieve stress relief along with its accompanying symptoms such as migraine, nausea and chronic pain. Imagery has proven its efficacy in treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and in encouraging a positive mental attitude.

The best part Russ Whitney prefers about guided imagery is that it can be done by anyone. Below are some practical tips Russ Whitney ensures to achieve the benefits of this powerful technique.

Make a schedule.

Start with 15 minutes of practice each day. Commit to doing two sessions every day so you establish a routine. The more you do it, the better you get at it. Do this routine without fail for three weeks.

Find a quiet spot.

You can practice imagery just about anywhere, but it's better to have a dedicated space for it. When you're just starting to use imagery in learning how to reduce stress and anxiety, you need a room where you can sit, relax, and close your eyes for 15 minutes-without disturbance.

Select an imagery that makes you feel good:

You can choose a favorite place, a happy moment, a symbolic image that unlocks your creativity, or any imagery that evokes transcendent feelings. Whatever imagery you choose, make sure that it elicits an emotion and that it works.

Don't put any pressure into it.

When you're learning to meditate, you might lose focus and feel like you aren't doing it right. It's the same way when you start out with imagery. Whenever you encounter some problems staying awake during your imagery session, you may consider doing:

1. Sit up on a chair or cross-legged on the floor instead of lying down;
2. Try a session with eyes half open instead of fully closed, and
3. Pick an imagery session when you're well rested or before you go to bed.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Russ Whitney Offers Security Options For Property

Choosing a new security options for an income property with home security system can save your money on homeowner’s insurance. Make sure you replace a lock on the entry doors says Russ Whitney as each time a new tenant moves into the property.

A home security system can save your money on legal issues that may arise from tenants.Here are few Russ Whitney's tips for choosing a security system for your property.Choose between wireless and wired home security devices to protect your investment.

Security Systems:

There are several types of security systems available online. Think about your needs as the owner of the property before choosing a type of security system.

Monitoring Systems:

Your choices for monitoring systems include wireless systems that can be monitored from anywhere in the world. The choice comes down to your needs as the property owner.

Easy Installation:

If you plan to install a security system on your own, then you will need to choose a system that offers easy installation. If you plan on going with a monitored system, then installation is included on monthly price.

Home Security Automation:

Home security automation offers many convenient choices when it comes to protecting your property. You can save energy, control locks, protect your asset and adjust the lights.

Mobile Access:

Access to your security devices are convenient when they feature mobile access. Mobile access keeps you connected to your income property and provides you the ability to manage your home security system on your terms.

Property Choice:

Property that gives you an income should also be well protected and if someone damages the property it is important that you analyze your home security choice to choose the system that matches your needs.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Evaluate Offers When Dealing With Realtors Says Russ Whitney

There might be at times Realtors may use the terms “strong offer” or “weak offer” when you suggest what you want them to offer in a real estate deal.Mostly small businesses are experts in their field says Russ Whitney and they know their own business inside and out.

However lots of small business owners lack the expertise required to implement certain projects. That's where a small business consultant can step in and help.Russ Whitney says in order to achieve a successful project it's important to be clear about what you want your consultant to do for you.

The realtors offer refers to the offer from the Sellers’ perspective. Your offer is usually evaluated by the Realtor’s agent and they will likely render their opinion and advice to the Sellers.

From the Realtor’s perspective,explore offers from the strongest to the weakest, that you’ll understand where the offer that you are about to make might fit and how it might be viewed by the Sellers and their Realtor.

Many people are investing in the real estate industry. Thus to purchase commercial property one needs to understand the risks and rewards that come along with investing.Real Estate investors tend to enjoy the physical aspect of buying, renovating, renting out,and selling properties.

Russ Whitney suggest each real estate investors should know the different forms of investments. It can be possible for entire markets, to take a sudden dive, thus it’s very important that investors seeking out security should do so by expanding into other markets and forms of investment.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Russ Whitney offers-Sources Of Down Payment

Your down payment might be the biggest single cash expenditure you ever make. Some save for years, while others can ready the cash with less difficulty, but no buyer in the history of home buying has ever said they have too much down payment money.

Check in with your mortgage pro about how much of your down payment needs you can satisfy with money.Russ Whitney gives few guidelines that varies widely based on how much of your own cash you have to put down.The lender may also require to see a bank account statement from the giver showing that the money was theirs.

Russ Whitney says that many buyers have a treasure trove of down payment resources at their disposal. Here are few tips what Russ Whitney puts to this hidden treasure a handful of frequently overlooked sources of down payment funds.

1. Your Budget's-
If you're serious about coming up with your down payment funds. Isolate your top 10 budgetary line items and do an internal check on whether there is anything on this list that you can eliminate.

2. Your Stuff-
When you need to save money, there are really only two ways, you can spend less, or you can make more. Selling stuff you already own and don't actually use is a relatively painless way to make more money to go toward your down payment.

3. Your Skills and Time-
One way to make more money is to sell off the stuff you have lying around the other to get done the work!Once you come up with your down payment cash decide to be creative about where to find that money.

4. Your Parents, Family and Friends-
Many home buyers get by with a little help from their friends and family.Most mortgage programs will allow for some portion of your down payment to come in the form of money.

5. Your Assets-
Some retirement accounts allow you to borrow against or pull out funds,penalty-free, to apply them toward your down payment on a home.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Russ Whitney's Tips for-Home Maintenance Checklist

Fall is a great time to take care of the little things that can make a big difference for you and your home. Getting ready for colder weather means checking, repairing your home to withstand the upcoming rain, wind, and snow.

Taking these steps will not only lower your utility costs, but they will protect your largest investment, your home, from the unexpected weather conditions ahead.Here are some helpful tips that every homeowner should do.

1. Stow Your Mower
It's time to start thinking about how you are going to stow your lawn mower. Taking simple steps like putting your lawn mower into storage will help increase the longevity of your equipment.

2. Energy Audit
Performing an energy audit will tell you where heat is escaping, so you can correct the problem and save money on utilities.Seal the air leaks that you have identified by applying weatherstripping. Potential energy savings by detecting and fixing drafts will make your home much more comfortable.

3. Replace Windows
Before it gets too cold, replace your screen windows and doors with energy-efficient storm windows. Consider a proper storage space for your screen windows.

4. Check Furnace
Home heating systems that aren't properly maintained may be less than 50 percent efficient. A dirty filter will increase your heating costs and reduce the life of your equipment. It is important to check your filter once a month and replace or clean if necessary.

5. Install Gutter Guards
Homeowners overlook the importance of gutters, but they protect your home by diverting rain water safely away from your home.To prevent home issues like foundation and structural issues.Install a micro-mesh gutter protection system, will help cleaning your gutters when the leaves begin to fall.

6. Maintain Home's Exterior
Fall and winter are known for unexpected weather conditions, so to prevent any type of debris from falling on your home and producing serious damage.It is necessary to apply a layer of sealant to prevent weed growth and increase the longevity of these areas.

7. Chimney and Fireplace
Annual cleaning of your chimney is important to prevent dangerous chimney fires. Test your fireplace flue to ensure that it is tightly sealed when closed.

8. Test Smoke Detectors
This is a simple task for homeowners, but it is often forgotten about. Detectors should have a "test" button. Testing these systems is a quick, but very important test to perform.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Russ Whitney putforth-The Five Phases of the Home Buying Process

Choose the Correct Real Estate Representation

The most important initial step in the home purchasing process is successfully choosing the right Real Estate representation, the Realtor the and Real Estate Company. The Real Estate Company should be local and associated to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and the National Association of Realtors (NAR). The Real Estate Agent or Broker instead of the Real Estate Company should be experienced, have a confirmed record of successfully helping buyers purchase homes in your area with an wide support team and be active in the community.

A Methodical Home Search Plan

How does Real Estate Company find the accurate Home for you? This is where we shine! We will present you with our Proven, Professional and Area Specific Customized Home Search Plan. A generic plan developed by some famous Real Estate Company is not the best plan for your home search in the Neighborhoods you desire.

Selecting the Purchase Price

That accurately reflects the recent market conditions. Your purchase value has to please three people, you, the seller and the appraiser. If the home is purchased properly you will receive the Best Price, on the most complimentary Terms, in the Shortest Time with the least difficulty to you.

Agreement Negotiations: A Little Horse Trading!

Negotiating your home purchase value and the terms of sale is like walking a tightrope between the Highest Price the buyer will give and the Lowest Price the seller will accept. It takes tolerance, psychology, flexibility, and knowledge. Your Realtor is trained to remain the dialogue going until you reach a meeting of the minds. After all, you desire to buy and the seller wants to sell!

Escrow on Average Takes from 30 to 90 Days

Remember, tolerance is a virtue! During this time, we will be busy ironing out troubles, speeding up the loan process, arranging additional inspections, management document preparation and coordinating appointments. When you purchase your home, we will give you our courteousness Escrow Guide, “So at present Your Home Is in Escrow” that will take much of the ambiguity out of the Loan and Escrow Process.

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