Friday, 24 April 2015

Russ Whitney gives-Sellers Ideas for Landscaping

The first thing buyers look at when they pull up to your home is the big picture -the house, the yard, the trees, the flowers.Explain that you're selling your home and you need help with curb appeal.Many sellers struggle with the costs, the decisions, and the time it takes to market their homes.

Most of the landscaping isn't permanent, you should strongly consider putting it in the marketing budget.You can do some of the work yourself or you can get help. Russ Whitney put forth some of these five jobs which help you make the most of your home's drive-up appeal.

1. Get Rid Of Anything Dead.

Dead leaves, flowers, and trees do nothing for your curb appeal. As you finish, you'll see blank areas. Fill these in with fresh flowers, small bushes, potted plants or yard art.

2. Cut And Weed The Grass

If you mow your own lawn, make sure it's freshly mowed every week. Pull or spray weeds so the texture of the grass will be more pleasing.

3. Replace Or Hide Leggy Bushes

Nothing makes a front entry look more dated than bushes with longer legs than torsos. Plant small bushes in front. You can also cover a lot of blank areas with mulch, wood chips or gravel.

4. Improve Both Hardscapes And Softscapes

Bring color and vitality to the entry with potted plants and flowers.Decorative stone, tile, brick, concrete or wood can add a lot of appeal to the softer elements. Landscaping doesn't have to end at the porch.

5. Light The Way

Landscape Lighting provides security as well as spotlight what you want to call attention to.Lanterns to line the walk, or the occasional uplight for the trees can have a glamorous effect on the exterior of your home.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Russ Whitney alerts-Senior Citizens be Aware of Scam Target

The senior citizens have been warned in Lee County of a scam involving callers threatening arrests if the call recipient doesn't purchase a gift card.The office from where they receive several calls has been found this weekend from senior citizens.

There were stating that a warrant for their arrest was out for them and that a member of the Lee County Sheriff's Office is calling and demanding that they settle their warrants by purchasing gift cards and sending them the numbers.So far, the victims have been older citizens.

The office head confirmed it is not calling people and demanding they settle their warrants by gift, debit, or credit card.If you receive a call of this nature do not give out personal financial information or purchase gift cards to settle the debt over the phone.If you have received this phone call, contact the Lee County Sheriff's Office as soon as possible.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Russ Whitney Says "CBRE Firms to Acquire 5 Billion Property"

According to a survey it was said that Home sales rose more than expected in February, a trade Combined Global Real Estate management group said, a sign for housing market may be in for a spring rebound.Some of the signed contracts for previously owned homes climbed 3.1% from January to the highest level since June 2013.

There were some clause in sales of home in February which result in increase demand, thus it shows a positive sign ahead of the typically busy spring selling season. Many pending sales reflect signed contracts, and they usually become final within one or two months.

Many of the prospective buyers are being lured into the market by an improved job market and low mortgage rates, says one of the Realtors' chief economist.“These factors bode well for the prospect of an uptick in sales in coming months”.

Investors have their eye on economic data as they look ahead to the next round of corporate earnings.It have been noticed that consumers spending edged up to 0.1 percent in feb follow monthly declines as consumers income rose upto 0.4 percent thus home sales rose to its highest level.

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